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Lucky charms of gambling

Gamblers from all over the world have known to have some lucky charm in their pocket that they believe would bring them good luck and fortune. Of course, it varies from culture to culture, but if something makes you feel lucky, you must carry the charm into the casino. Here are a few lucky charms.

Dala Horse

In countries like Sweden, the Dala horse has been said to bring good luck to people for centuries. These colorful wooden horses are deeply rooted in their culture and are an important part of their folklore and art. They are the most common type of souvenirs that people buy when visiting Sweden, and they have been a symbol of good luck for years now.

Leaf Clover

The leaf clover, especially the four-leaf clover, has a special connection to St. Patrick’s Day and has been said to bring good luck to the person who holds it. This good luck charm is most well known in Western countries and what makes it even more special is that unlike the three-leaf clover, which is very common and easy to find, the four-leaf clover is extremely rare to have, just one in ten thousand chance of finding one.

Hamsa hand

Coming to African countries and especially the countries in the middle east and northern part of the continent, the Hamsa hand is said to be very sacred and believed to bring good fortune to the person who has it. The Hamsa hand is the sign of a palm with various designs inside it and an eye at the center, which is said to keep the evil at bay and only let the good things pass on to you. The Hamsa hand is found in different designs and styles, but the central eye is always a constant.

Three-legged toad

Most are accustomed to the term Feng Shui, but when we hear this term, we think about a turtle or a tortoise. Well, the three-legged toad is one of the most promising articles feng shui has to offer. It is said to bring good luck, fortune and attract a lot of wealth if you keep it at the right place.

The three-legged toad is usually a gold miniature of a saint that looks like the laughing Buddha but, in reality, is the small sculpture of Hotei, a very famous Chinese monk. So be a part of the casino table online NetBet to experience nothing but fun!

A horseshoe

Coming back to the western culture again, the horseshoe is mostly associated with the people who want some extra luck when playing the slot machines. The slot machines are one of the most played games at the casino, and if you want to get lucky at the slot machines, you can try the good old lucky charm that is the horseshoe.

Rabbit’s foot

Traces of the rabbit’s foot are used as a lucky charm that can be found worldwide. Rabbits are said to be happy and cheerful animals in most cultures, and irrespective of the myth behind them, they are a lucky charm that is bound to bring you some good luck.

However, don’t just be a believer in lucky charms. Work on your skills as well to enjoy yourself in a casino.