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Understand the Difference Between Traditional and Bitcoin Casinos and the Advantage of Online Privacy

The Internet world has given us the leverage to attend casinos online at any point in time. There is no need to manage a dress code or appear physically. Sitting behind your desk even in your pajamas and you can enjoy gambling all day long. Initially, when online gambling sites were started there was too much scam and limited games.

Now we have a lot of gambling sites that entertain and help people winning. Not all games are played with actual money. Online people can also play with fake money which is called cryptocurrency just for fun. One such game that is played with cryptocurrency and is worldwide famous is Bitcoin.

2009 was the year when Bitcoin was initiated in the online world. The Bitcoin transaction is done from person to person online. There is no need for a bank and the transaction fees are too less and the Bitcoin accounts cannot be frozen. This Bitcoin can be used to purchase any kind of merchandise, or make payments. There is no regulation so you will find people who just buy Bitcoins for investment as well.

Various casinos deal in Bitcoins online. Bitonecore is an online site that provides the BitCoin casino list. The site is owned by a professional trader, Richard who gives all kinds of information and ideas on how and where to use Bitcoins, when to buy or sell Bitcoin, etc. By exploring the website you will get all sorts of information on Bitcoins that is helpful even for a beginner as well as an experienced player.

Gambling is a source of entertainment. Las Vegas is known for gambling. People love going to casinos when they get addicted to it. However, land casinos have many rules that a person has to abide by. Every casino has a dress code, timing and they all are played with money. Not everyone can afford to attend a casino, because of financial condition or due to location.

Difference Between Bitcoin Casino and Traditional Casino


Traditional casinos always hide information from their customers. The mode of playing any game is cunning. Obviously, it is a business that involves real money, so they always keep themselves in the upper hand. First, they will attract customers by letting them win small bets, and when the customers start betting higher they use hidden tricks to win over customers. This is a cunning style of playing in traditional casinos.

On the other hand, are regulated by the government of the country where it is being played and therefore there are fewer chances of such hideous tricks. It is an open game that is played online and anyone can monitor it, therefore the possibility of winning through such a trick is eradicated and it is a transparent game between players and business. The rules are clear and transparent so that the platform is owned by everyone.

Safe to Play

Traditional casinos keep your debit or credit card information for security purposes. In case you’re unable to pay them back, they deduct the amount through the card information provided. This can be risky sometimes because it can be misused by anyone. Certain forms are also filled out by customers which contain all personal details. Providing personal details to casinos can also be dangerous.

However, Bitcoin casino eliminated the process of providing personal information online before joining any game. Although these registered sites are secured, anyone can join the platform without providing any personal information. Even the Bitcoins are deposited in the wallet created in the account so there is no tension of providing account details.


Traditional casinos include expensive betting and gambling games. Sometimes the addiction to gambling leads to financial loss. Well, that’s the bitter truth of traditional casinos. The gamblers also have to pay various taxes and duties even after winning a fair amount.

In Bitcoin casinos, most of the costs aren’t there like transaction costs or duties. Bitcoin casinos are non-regulated institutions so the transaction fees are also less. The withdrawal fees are also less which makes the Bitcoin casino worth playing.

Easy to Play

All states don’t have the rights to casinos. For example, Las Vegas is known as casino land. So everyone doesn’t get the opportunity to enjoy gambling while staying in their state. Some states do have casinos but they’re illegal.

Cryptocurrency or online casinos can be played in any country and by anyone. When gamblers use Bitcoin casinos, they don’t fall prey to illegal gambling sites. Online gamblers can play the same game with any other person from another part of the country. The transaction is easy as Bitcoins are transferred to wallets from anywhere, instantly.

Best Deals

While gambling in traditional casinos, you may enjoy certain bonuses but they are set within certain limits. Not all games have bonuses with their rules. However, the best part of an online casino or Bitcoin casino is that you get online promotions, discounts, Bitcoins, and deals all year. These deals are also sent as notifications to your emails and accounts s that you don’t miss on them, which is unlikely with traditional casinos.


Land casinos or traditional casinos are set up for a long time. Therefore, there are only a few games that you can play manually in traditional casinos. The online world is all about varieties which can be seen in various kinds of games in animated and 3D graphics. Similarly, Bitcoin casino also has varieties of games that can be played online, like roulette, blackjack, etc. you can switch to any game at any point in time when you realize that you aren’t enjoying a specific game.

Bitcoin is an innovative form of the game that is open to all people and anyone can review it. Anyone who is doing a Bitcoin transaction doesn’t need to provide their original name or identity. Just the wallet ID is sufficient to complete the transaction. The details are stored in the public log so all transactions are private. Therefore, people can buy, invest or sell things without being public.